AlphaChooser's Mission Statement

Our mission is to simplify the buying process of the most popular consumer products in a variety of catgeories:

  • AlphaChooser achieves it by listing products -- from toasters to snow blowers -- by popular categories as specific as the "Fastest toasters" or the latest "Track-drive snow blowers."

  • AlphaChooser takes the side of consumers, especially those with a tight budget who can't afford to make a bad choice when shopping for important appliances, tablet computers or headsets.

  • AlphaChooser takes pride in its unique AlphaMetrics, such as the "watts per slice" rating offered for most listed toasters, which helps understand just how much power will be assigned to toasting each loaf of bread.

  • AlphaChooser offers intelligent product choosers that users can take in the form of question tests and learn at the same time that we refine their choice and boil down a list of their 5 best car GPS, Bluetooth Headsets or Shop vaccums.

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