Husqvarna Snow Blowers: The Newest Models from 2023 or 2024 (and Later)

Snow blowers are not Husqvarna's only product. They also have a wide range of outdoor power tools and equipment, including construction machinery, lawn mowers, and even power chainsaws.

Their snow blowers are mostly mid-range to high-end two-stage, gas-powered models with heavy-duty engines (from basic 208cc to as high as 414cc) and wide intake capacities (21 to 30 inches) designed to clear deep levels of snow. Their mid-range models feature chain drive systems while the high-end ones have hydrostatic drive systems with power-steering functions. Their prices range from several hundreds for entry-level models to more than $2400 for their heavy-duty trac-drive models.

Look at our list of the newest models of Husqvarna snow blowers as of now. Each featured model comes with additional pics and a list of technical specifications.

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The Five Latest Husqvarna Track Snow Blowers (as Of December, 2023)

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Six Recent 24-inch Husqvarna Snow Blower Models

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Four Husqvarna Self-propelled Snow Blowers

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And Four Of Their 2-stage Snow Blowers

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Four Big Versions

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Three Under-$500 Models

Husqvarna ST111

intake width
Lightweight 21-inch single-stage snow blower equipped with a 136cc Husqvarna engine designed to handle up to six inches of snow.
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